Thea Stainsby

I live in Melbourne, Australia.  I have worked in the computing industry all my life.

I retired in September 2011 with the view to slowing down and taking lots of trips.

The trips are happening: crossed the Nullarbor in September 2011; became Nomads in 2012; visited Japan & South Korea in 2013.  But these trips are interspersed by work.  Web pages, IT consulting and general computer training.  Some work shared with Bruce, some just mine.  Have a look at helpatthea.net for some work stories.

We have continued our travels  in 2014 – a break to Tonga and an overland journey through Central Asia to Spain for Hayden’s defense.  The family then enjoyed a chilly Christmas complete with snow in Iceland.

We intend to continue our travels in 2015, exploring Central America and North America.  Come back for more stories.