Christmas 2016

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Another year, another wedding – or two

handawedding2Christmas preparation this year has gone onto the back burner – there have been too many other happenings to consider. Starting at the end of the year:

December was the month for our nephew’s wedding. Alex married Sarah in Yarrawonga on Bruce’s 69th birthday. It was a fantastic event with perfect weather and family close by. Hayden & Andrea made the journey from Berlin while Evan & Stephanie flew in from New York, so we enjoyed a few precious days with a full house.

We arrived home late in November, after one hundred days on the road, just in time to prepare for Alex and Sarah’s wedding. We had a wonderful journey through Africa:

Three weeks exploring game parks in Kenya and Tanzania and then Zanzibar.
A month driving through Namibia and into Botswana and Zimbabwe where we covered 4,800 kilometres.
Two weeks driving the Garden Route from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town in South Africa.

lion      zebra      masaiman

The reason for this journey was Hayden and Andrea’s wedding on 3 September. They chose to marry at La Chumbera, a delightful venue overlooking the Alhambra in Granada, which is Andrea’s home town. The weather was very warm and the atmosphere magical. Family and friends flew in, often combining the wedding event with their own particular adventures.

We spent a month in Spain, combining a visit to Barcelona before the wedding and a tour around the south west afterwards, before heading to southern Africa. Spain has so much to offer the tourist.

The early part of the year was one of preparation for Hayden and Andrea’s wedding, interspersed with a few road trips, including northern Victoria, New South Wales and southern Queensland. We also spent a couple of weeks in Tasmania and southern Victoria with visitors from England – how nice to explore your own territory.

Hayden and Andrea are well settled into Berlin and enjoying the working world after so many years in academia. They have both been asked to take on extra responsibilities, and are enjoying the challenging IT industry in Berlin.

Stephanie is three-quarters through her Masters at the University of Columbia. She and Evan have just got Green Cards so they intend to stay on in the USA to expand their experience. Evan has so far picked up freelance work and continues to hone his graphic skills with a daily digital image which he publishes on Instagram, FaceBook and other graphic oriented sites.

20151102_kinship-400x400-copy      20151203_target_j8-400x400-copy      20150924_seeing-400x400-copy

As you can imagine, we have our sights set on more travel, with visits to Berlin and New York as an excuse to explore other places. This is still in the planning stage.


And of course, by sending you an e-greeting, we are saving on postage and paper. Instead we will make a donation to assist Syrian refugee children with emergency food and shelter packs.

We wish you a peaceful Christmas and a safe journey through 2017.

All our love
Bruce & Thea