Homeless & Nomadic

Bruce & Thea with luggage to last a year

Bruce & Thea with luggage to last a year

So we are now on a long adventure to Malaysia, Dubai, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey,… and eventually Spain around August. The rough plan is to spend 6 months travelling and then try to rent an apartment in Spain for a few weeks.

I checked in with 14.7kg and 4.5kg hand luggage (Bruce checked in with 17.9kg + 7.4kg). Can we manage to live like this for 6 months on the move and 8-12 months away?

Just wait and see.

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4 Responses to Homeless & Nomadic

  1. Decima says:

    Hope those packs have got wheels!

    • thea says:

      No wheels, just straps to lug on our backs. Hopefully that won’t be necessary too often! They will lighten up as I chew through the Caltrate!

  2. Kerry Daly says:

    Looking forward to following your journey Thea. No news yet this end.

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