On the road again

After 11 weeks on the run we needed a break.  More particularly we needed to unpack our bags, seriously wash clothes (not in the plugless basins), cook some real food and stop looking at everything for it’s historical or cultural value.  I also needed to catch up on rebuilding my newly repaired computer – I got it back with an unauthenticated version of Windows, so had to start from minus scratch.  Lucky it was me and not Bruce who had to do the major rebuild!

We choose Crete because on our travels we had met tourists who had been there and provided gleaming reports.

The break was perfect and we didn’t even mind when we got “Stuck in Crete” for an extra two days.

We hired a car to explore a little of the huge island and get an idea of its terrain. We also explored the three beautiful villages about a kilometer up the hill from Limenas Hersonissou – where we found extremely friendly people and good, well-priced food, beer and wine.   We also made the mandatory trip into the capital Heraklion to walk the streets and see some of the beautiful Greek Orthodox churches.

The daily average of photos dropped dramatically as we even took a break from capturing everything that moved or didn’t move.

And while we were there I discovered that the flower of the olive tree is one of the worst hayfever triggers.  Hmmm, the joys of travelling in Spring.

So now it is back on the road.  Of course plans (what plans?) have changed a little, but watch the blogs and stories for more there.  Right now we are off to Santorini so we can join the chorus “…but haven’t you been to Santorini?”

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2 Responses to On the road again

  1. Jan Schreurs says:

    Hello Thea & Moustache
    I’m loving the look and sound of Crete. Photos are terrific – seems like you are having a great time. Weather here has turned wintery – so spring (even with hayfever) would be nice.
    Jan x

  2. Kerry Daly says:

    Looks like a beautiful place to relax and recover Thea.

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