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Statistics Asia, Europe, Americas 2014-2015

Between August 2014 and September 2015 we travelled. It was a 390 day journey around the world and back again, hitting 26 countries, most of them new to us. We slept (or spent the night) in 150 different beds and … Continue reading

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An old story – Europe in 2008

It’s exactly 12 years since we dashed to Europe to help Denis celebrate his 60th birthday. A Saturday night party at their local restaurant The Toucan and plenty of touring and exploring Switzerland. We managed to include a visit to Hayden … Continue reading

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Evan’s Dailies

First a curious image appeared on Facebook, posted by Evan. And the next day another one appeared. And the day following there was another image. Evan explained that this was a project he had long planned and suddenly, living in … Continue reading

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A Joyful Interruption

It’s not every day that your younger unmarried son decides to change his status, but Evan is not your everyday person. And so we were asked to come home for a special event. We tried to sneak into the country … Continue reading

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Goodbye Mexico & Central America It’s been nice to know you

After 14 weeks on the road and a week of R&R, we farewell Mexico and Central America. We met school children in the Dominican Republic who begged us to take their photos. We encountered our first experience of the Spanish … Continue reading

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Iceland – ticking all the boxes

Following the success of Hayden’s PhD defence, we decided to have a family Christmas “somewhere exotic”. Think warm weather, tropical beaches and swaying palms. No, that is not exotic enough for this bunch. After much communication and research, the family … Continue reading

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The Silent Partner has arrived!

After the excitement of Evan’s Chocolate Lindt ball melting in Melbourne video, we put pressure on him to get his portfolio web site updated. With a little help from Steph and the members of Caffeine Concepts, The Silent Partner went live … Continue reading

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Always a Time and a Place

It has been seriously hot in Melbourne this week. The hottest in 100 years. The tail end of a massive heat wave which swept west to east across the country, igniting numerous bush fires in Western Australia, recording the world’s … Continue reading

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Couch Surfing

We have had an amazing 3 weeks with friends and family between vacating our apartment and flying out. After 4 “interesting” nights at the Sandy pub, we invaded the Davies’ peace and quiet.  Sally, Bruce & I had a wonderful … Continue reading

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New blogger in the Stainsby family

With Hayden’s help, I have set up a blog site for Evan and Steph and I hope they spend some time recording their adventures on it whilst they are away. Updated March 25th 2011 This is not a temporary site … Continue reading

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