Europe 2008 – on the 40th Parallel

Thursday 21 August to Sunday 21 September

It was Bruce’s idea – let’s help Denis celebrate his 60th birthday in Switzerland. Then of course we had to ask Denis if he had plans to celebrate, and when. Saturday 30 August – right.

George cuts Bruce’s hair. Apparently they like to talk about places they have been. On one particular Saturday morning another customer started talking about a recent trip to Budapest. ‘It’s like Prague but without the tourists’ she said. So that put Hungary on the agenda.

It just so happened that we could overlap our journey with Evan’s European trip which included England, Scotland, Rumania, the Czech Republic and Barcelona. And we could all meet up with Hayden and Elisse in Barcelona.

So our travels were restricted to the 40th parallel, no further south than Barcelona in Spain at 41 degrees, and no further north than Esztergom in Hungary at 47 degrees. The itinerary was planned – Barcelona, a family get together in Andorra, drive along the Ruhr valley in France to Switzerland, fly to Hungary where we explored Budapest, toured to Lake Balaton and then along the Danube River. We took a train to Slovenia and a train and hire car to Lake Como in Italy before flying home. A quick four week break.

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year to travel in this area. Often warm and muggy with hazy skies, but delightful scenery.