Europe 2008 – on the 40th Parallel

Our travels this year were restricted to the 40th parallel, no further south than Barcelona in Spain at 41 degrees, and no further north than Esztergom in Hungary at 47 degrees.
Autumn is a beautiful time of the year to travel in this area. Often warm and muggy with hazy skies, but delightful scenery.

Sadly – this story is unfinished. From Switzerland we continued our travels to Hungary, Slovenia and Italy.

Latitude: 41° Barcelona

Find Hayden, Elisse & Evan. Japanese dinner at half past midnight.
Stainsby Sunday breakfast of croissants & coffe on the roof in Gracia.
A visit to Tibidabo on the blue tram – you have just got to read “Shadows of the Wind”
Lunch in Gracia – tapas and sangria of course.
Dinner at Hayden & Elisse’s flat, then meet Tim & Ang.

Andorra on the 42nd parallel

Ordino – breakfast, coffee and dinner with a parrot.
La Coma in VallNord, hiking down a red ski run, and the flowers!
La Messana, hiking down a red mountain bike path, more flowers…

A drive through France

We drove east from Andorra to Switzerland stopping at Creissels to see the Millau viaduct and Annecy to see the old town.
We drove through amazing countryside, using the TomTom to avoid the major roads and keep to the country roads, through villages and farms, mostly following the Rhone river.

Celebrati6ons in Switzerland

This holiday was centred around helping Bruce’s mate for 50 years celebrate his 60th birthday. Bruce & Denis went to school together, played football together, chased girls together and travelled together. Whilst Bruce settled in Melbourne, Denis married Martine from Switzerland and settled there.
As well as the birthday party, we visited Lucern, Murten, Mont Pèlerin and villages along the lake. We also climbed (down) the balcony at Thallon and visited Yvoire on the French side of Lac Leman.