IndoChina 2011


No such luck this time, we had to endure cattle class as we returned to Australia. That evens up the score a little.

The adventure was excellent, and it was lovely to reach home and see the family and bring Sally back home.

With Hayden due home early March it is hard to contemplate further travels… just yet.


The Emirates Gods are watching over us. Once again Bruce & I have been upgraded to Business Class. So of the past seven legs with Emirates, we have been upgraded FOUR times. How good is that!

Over New Year we debated with friends the value of Business Class. I could not justify the 3 times fare hike when that same money would go to weeks of meals and accommodation whilst traveling. I am happy to get myself cocooned in a cattle class seat for 7 or 14 hours if it means more time and better hotels at our destination.

Having said that, I very happily accept Emirates offer of a better seat, even if I am not allowed to use their lounge!

So how does one get upgraded more times than not? I truly don’t know… perhaps there is a big red heart on our Skywards file or may be the odds (or Gods) are with us with Emirates. They deserve a visit!

So what follows is a little of our adventure…