With Hayden living in Barcelona, our ultimate destination was to Spain, to see where he lives and to get a better understanding of life there.

Firstly – we had to get there, a very long journey.  The final phase was a very long drive.

After settling into life in Badalona, we took Hayden to Granada to visit Andrea and her family, and for us to do some touring.

In September we headed off to see France and England, and made a stop in San Sebastian.

In October we hosted friends Denis, Rob & Lorraine in and around Barcelona.

Later in October we took our last journey in the Renault, through France, Germany and Switzerland, then stopped by Dalí’s home town.

Car-less, we took to the train and visited Valencia, Pamplona and Olite before Christmas, then undertook a big trip to Madrid, Granada (again) and Seville over the Christmas break.  We enjoyed the festivities of Barcelona for the Three Kings, and finished our touring in Tenerife.